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Leo's Portfolio TikTok

creating art for online spaces

As a multimedia artist, I am intrigued by using every day technology as a creative tool. In fall 2022, I presented my entire portfolio in TikTok form. This account is now a handy place to store and play with school work in a way that feels authentic to me as an artist who loves to play in online spaces.

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Scripts and Papers

Fearless New Plays Festival Finalist

The Witches You Couldn't Burn: a WitchTok LiveStream

When magic practitioner and WitchTok creator Gina accuses The Coven of the Granddaughters
of the Witches You Couldn’t Burn of cultural appropriation and playing fast and loose with
dangerous magic, it’s an all out magical war. Through passive aggressive videos and more
aggressive spells, The Coven, or as they call themselves, “The Goodies,” devise dark magic to colonize the last frontier - the algorithm. Meant to be viewed both in person and on TikTok live stream, The
Witches You Couldn’t Burn seeks to unpack the relationship between witchcraft, whiteness, and
the platforms in which we bring our truest selves and deepest desires.

Jim Henson Award Winner

Playing Wolves

Playing Wolves tells the story of Lux and Kendra as they explore their identities through a make believe game of “wolves." While they struggle against other’s perceptions of their
identities in their everyday lives, their wolf-selves in their game are everything they desire to be.
As the parallel stories of the game and their lives continue, the stories converge and reality
begins to blur - begging the question of where their real selves end and their fantasy begins.

Experimental Performance Series selection

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge chronicles the happenings of a group of Women involved in an online group devoted to their cocker spaniels - in the online group, they pretend they ARE their cocker spaniels. When one of their own goes missing, these women fall down an online rabbit hole and must confront their real selves to discover the truth of what happened to their friend and her dog.

Stock Motion Animation Midterm

In this short essay, Leo Grierson examines archetype through the lens of memes and classical literature as they analyze their digital piece "Danny's Inferno" which you can view above.

Devito Types: Masculinity, Goblin Mode, and Stock Motion Animation

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