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Artist Statment


I am a digital theater artist creating work that explores the marriage of form and content. To me, this

means that the medium is the message and I use technology to create work that is about technology and

digital spaces. I use satire, meme, and pop culture references to dig into the complicated feelings we

have about the technology

that permeates our lives.

I see a connection between

my lived experience as a

transgender person and my

work as a multi-hyphenate

digital theater maker. Both

force me to hold many

truths and experiences at

once, adding to the

complexity I explore in the

pieces I create.


I believe that technology has its own particular rhythms and ways of

being that both mirror and contrast our own. As a result, I treat

technology as a serious collaborator in the room. I create and am drawn to projects that use technology

and digital worlds as both setting and anchor to explore identity — incorporating and exploding these

containers, and marrying digital forms and with their content.


My work doesn’t shy away from the existential and absurd ways technology influences our

perception of ourselves, and it doesn’t try to answer the complicated questions that arise from the messy

ways our lives commingle with the digital. Instead, it attempts to hold those complexities with compassion,

curiosity, and humor.


The inclusion of technology and inclusion

of marginalized voices and identities

within the work is central to my ethos. I

believe the greatest power of the

internet is how it puts us in space with

one another. The old cliche of art being

society’s mirror demands such inclusions and breaking down of barriers. The mirror of the screen and machine is my favorite hammer.


Hear what folks are saying

Sarah Bareilles, after a show I did sound design for

"That was beautiful. Nice work."

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