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Faculty Dance Concert

Directed by Alvin Mayes at the University of Maryland. Performed in the Kay Theatre. Featuring works from Kate Ladenheim, Adriane Fang, Alvin Mayes, and Ama Law. 

Scenic design by Margarita Syrocheva and Thea Luo
Lighting design by Mariah Faulkner

Media design by Leo Grierson

Costume design by Stephanie Park

Sound design by Kiefer Cure


Gestural Publics

Choreographed by Kate Ladenheim

Gestural Publics is a multimedia dance piece that utilizes live motion capture as well as stock motion animation to interrogate gendered performance in both choreographic and digital space



Choreographed by Adriane Fang

A piece about chaos, emails, and to do lists


Seen and Unseen


Choreographed by Alvin Mayes

A piece about homelessness and visibility

Dreams and Mournings

Choreographed by Ama Law

Devised by Ama Law's hiphop class, Dreams and Mournings is an expression of how we connect to those we've lost

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