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Cabin 12: A summer Camp Jubilee

Written and Directed by Leo Grierson

Presented as part of The Oregon Fringe Festival

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival Midnight Projects

and on Animal Crossing New Horizons as part of the Fresno Rogue Festival

Cabin 12 2.3

Presented in the form of a camp skit night, Cabin 12 is an immersive/interactive theatre piece about friendship, smores, and growing up. It's original production as part of the Oregon Fringe Festival took place in front of a real campfire, where audience members roasted smores and played games with the actors, influencing the action of the play.

As part of the Fresno Rogue Festival, the play was staged within Nintendo's Animal Crossing New Horizons, where actors used voice over recording and in-game reactions and movements as staging. 

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